Halloween Event

Come on down to DiVRgence, 3015 Governors Dr, where you can get your training in virtual reality to fight off the zombies during our Halloween event.

Zombie crowd coming towards you for Halloween
Here comes the zombies

Nowhere else in Huntsville can you get this realistic training to help you prepare for the upcoming apocalypse.  Yes, we are running a special for Halloween, but you can still come down anytime to take out them zombies.

Check out more games at https://enterprise.virtuix.com/games

Don’t forget about our eSports weekly and monthly competitions.  1st place for weekly competition is $400. 1st place for monthly competition is $2000.  We have a special price for gamers that want to compete.  Check it out here.

The Zombie Apocalypse may still occur even though it hasn’t happened yet. Are you ready if it happens? How will you react?

Since you’re reading this, go to zombieprepared.org, there’s a good chance that you’ve given the zombie apocalypse more thought than most people.


Basic zombie survival advice, such as reinforcing your home and selecting the best weapon to fight walkers (a machete), is covered in a ton of books and articles. They all appear to know essentially the same things. We went one step further and made a guide on surviving the zombie apocalypse.


Here are 5 unique, cutting-edge zombie survival suggestions.

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