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360° Simulator​

360° Simulator​

Ride roller coasters or fly planes...even UPSIDE DOWN! 18 VR games to experience!
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Star Twin Seat

Star Twin Seat

AKA: The Egg Pods
Prepare for a thrilling roller coaster adventure or scary virtual reality movies. We have dozens of VR games and many 5D movies that will take you to another reality!
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Racing Karts

Racing Karts

Two VR Racing Karts for your enjoyment! 15 fast paced VR games to choose from! A full motion car with force feedback steering.
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Racing Moto

Racing Moto

Two VR Racing Motos for your enjoyment! Six edge-of-your-seat VR games to choose from!
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FPS Arena

FPS Arena

Stand up virtual reality with motion tracking. Several games to play as a team. Dozens of other exciting VR games to choose from!
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Flight VR

Flight VR

Prepare for takeoff with dozens VR games and 33 5D movies that will blow you away!
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Compete in the Omni Arena

Weekly and Monthly Esports Competitions Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual reality allows users to explore video games in an immersive and hyper-realistic format. Because VR is an emerging technology, high-quality setups like ours require significant technological expertise to maintain. DiVRgence’s affordable guided virtual experiences exist to make VR accessible for everyone, regardless of income or experience with technology.

There’s a VR experience for everyone! Based on customer input, one of our trained guides will suggest games and/or experiences that appeal to you. VR isn’t limited to fighting and sports; you can fly around cities, explore haunted houses, go on a roller coaster ride and so much more!

Absolutely! We have had many couples come out for a date night and had an amazing time. You and your date will have the opportunity to play games together, either cooperatively or against each other. Our staff will also recommend eateries and bars in the area to visit after your visit.

Currently, our library includes opportunities to fight, explore, fly, play sports, roller coasters, experience 5d movies and more! If you want to know about a specific title and can’t find it on our site, please contact us and we will provide further information.

Each VR attraction is different. Our Omni Arena experience can accommodate up to four players in one gaming experience. Our eight full-motion VR simulators can be either single or two player.

Yes! DiVRgence’s catalogue features a number of multiplayer games or experiences. Options range from cooperative adventures for two, to free-for-all games. You and your friends can play virtual sports, shoot arrows, explore post-apocalyptic wastelands, battle robots and even fight to the death!

You can pay for individual rides or play by the hour.  See Pricing.  However, it’s important to remember that most games take a minute or two to set up and learn the rules.

DiVRgence’s dedicated team will do their best to accommodate and guide individuals of any age. We’ve had positive experiences with children as young as six and adults as old as 90. However, children under the age of eight often find it difficult to understand virtual reality, and do not always have the stamina or patience for a long session. Although our guides will do everything in their power to facilitate an engaging experience, they are responsible for attending to several users at a time and may not be able to spend the entire time helping your child. If you are booking an event for a young person, it is important to understand and accept that he or she may not have the maturity to effectively use a VR setup.

Literacy is also a key part of navigating virtual reality. If your child cannot read, we request that you book a weekday visit so we are able to provide a more in-depth, guided experience.

Omni Arena:

Height: Minimum is 4’2” (50”) and maximum is 6’5” (77”)

Weight: 285

Full Motion Rides:

Minimum is 4’0” (48”) but some rides can be experienced by smaller children. 

Weight: Varies by machine. Maximum is 275 lbs. to 350 lbs.

Restrictions are posted at the front office by check-in and on each machine.

Some headsets are designed to be fully compatible with glasses and can be adjusted for the best fit. However, individuals with large-framed eyewear may experience difficulty or discomfort when wearing the headset over their glasses. If your prescription is less than -3.00, you will most likely not require your glasses while using the headset. If your prescription is greater than -3.00 and your glasses are bulky, we recommend wearing contacts, if possible, when using VR equipment.

Motion sickness arises when an individual’s visual input contradicts their body’s sense of movement. Our top-of-the-line hardware ensures that there is no lag or stuttering, reducing the likelihood that a user will experience motion sickness. However, games with unnatural movement mechanics (such as flying or gliding) may trigger motion sickness in some individuals. If you are prone to motion sickness, alert your guide at the beginning of your session, and he or she will advise you on which games to avoid.

If you have additional questions you can call the store and speak to a staff member at (256) 203-1428. If its after hours, please leave a message and we will get back to you, or contact us here.